Complete Guide to Waist Training and Our Top 5 Best Waist Trainer Picks for 2019

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, chances are you know someone who has used a waist trainer. Big time celebrities are using them to show off hot new physiques. We’re going to tell you everything you need to know about waist training, including how to use waist trainers to achieve your ultimate body.

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What is Waist Training?

Waist training is a practice that involves wearing a waist trainer (or waist sincher) to slim your physique. This results in a more appealing “hour glass” figure. The process has been around for many years. Recently it has been made popular recently by celebrities such as Kim Kardashian. Waist training is effective at giving women a more appealing shape, and the results happen very quickly.

How Using A Waist Trainer Works

Waist trainers are designed to slim and shape the waist over time. They often include materials such as steel or mesh that help compress the body into a nicer shape. You can usually adjust a waist trainer by tightening straps, clasps, or laces. This allows you to shape your body over a period of time without having to buy multiple waist trainers.

Do Waist Trainers Work?

YES! Using one over time can actually mold your body into a more appealing shape. This is how big name celebreties acheive the hourglass look. Of course, it helps to follow a diet and excercise course as well. Doing both together can cause a wonderful synergetic effect that can help achieve your goals faster.

Are Waist Trainers Safe?

Yes, most professionals agree that using a waist trainer is completely safe and doesn’t cause any harm to the body when used appropriately. As with all things in life, you want to ease into your waist training routine. You do not want to compress your waist to quickly. We always recommend slowly working your way up to the tighther levels. If you have any doubts, consult with your doctor.

Best Waist Trainer for 2018: Our Top 5 Picks

Picking the best waist trainer can be difficult if you aren’t familiar with your options. I myself found out the hard way that each model can provide much different results.

Over the last 18 months or so, I’ve been personally trying and comparing options to find the best waist trainer. Today I’m going to be showing you my top 5 picks. By the time you’re done with this article, you will have the confidence to know which waist trainer is best for your needs. So with that being said, here are 5 best waist trainer reviews:

#1 Pick: The Colombian Waist Trainer

colombian waist trainer

  • All in one solution
  • Works with all body types
  • Instant results

If you’re looking for a full-body makeover, then the Colombian Waist Trainer is the one for you. Calling this a “waist” trainer is a bit of a misnomer, though. This shaper targets your entire body from your waist all the way down to your thighs.

It forces the fat from your legs into your booty and the fat from your belly up into your bust. This gives you the ultimate hourglass shape. Whether you need to lose some troublesome baby fat, improve your posture, or you just want an full-body fat-burning experience, this product covers all of the bases.

Every aspect of the Colombian Waist Trainer was carefully thought out. It has a built-in cotton interior to lift your breasts for an ultra-sexy look and even includes crotch openings so that you don’t have to remove it whenever you need to use the bathroom. In our opinion, this is the best waist trainer on the market.

What we love

We love that this product is an all in one solution. It will fit any body, and it instantly provides the wearer with a more flattering appearance.

What could use improvement

Honestly not much. If you’re looking for the best waist trainer on the market, then you found your match. People seeking a more targeted approach (not full body) will like the next best selection below.

#2 Thermal Strapped Waist Trainer

thermal strap waist trainer

  • Good for increasing sweat production
  • Targetted fat loss
  • Works best when combined with exercise.

The Thermal Strapped Waist Trainer is low-key, attractive, and functional. This model focuses primarily on the core and your overall posture. It has a built-in bra that’s as comfortable as it is sexy. It creates a moderate lifting effect on your breasts for a well-postured, slightly enlarged look.

One of the best things about this waist trainer is that it really focuses on giving you better posture. The large strap wraps around your upper back to encourage a natural arch, a straight spine, and a lifted chest.

One of the most important things when it comes to your overall appearance is how you hold your body. A slouched back and shoulders can easily make you look ten pounds heavier even if you’re already in good shape. You can look great with ten extra pounds as long as you have the posture to carry it well.

What we love

We’re huge fans of vests. The straps provide a ton of support for the back and also help accent the bust area. If you don’t want a whole body solution, this is the next best thing.


Some plus size women will find the straps uncomfortable.

#3 The Kim Kardashian Waist Trainer

kim kardashian waist trainer

  • Made famous by Kim Kardashian
  • Instantly flattens stomach
  • Comfortable material

If you want a strapless waist trainer that will really target your core and shred belly fat, then this is the product for you. Made famous by superstar and model, Kim Kardashian, this colorful wrap-around corset is one of the best trainers for working out. It has a simple appearance that makes it easy to wear on top of your existing gym gear, or you can wear it under your clothes just as easily when you go to work.

This waist trainer specifically targets the fat right around your tummy, your love handles, and the stubborn lower back fat. No matter how hard you workout, these areas just tend to hold onto fat until the last possible moment. With the Kim Kardashian Waist Trainer, you’ll be able to shred the fat away from these areas and show off your natural sexy hourglass shape.

What we love

This waist trainer is basic and works well with all body shapes. It’s the same one that Kim Kardashian wears and everyone knows how nice her curves are!

Where we would improve

Some users found it uncomfortable and sizing to be off. Many people claim this to be the best waist trainer, however we still like a vested or full body garment better.

#4 The Sleek Black Panther Waist Trainer

black panther waist trainer

  • Similar to Kim K’s Waist trainer
  • Sleek design
  • Great for going out

The Sleek Black Panther Waist Trainer is the best waist trainer on the market if you’re looking for something that you can wear discreetly underneath any clothing. This sleek black corset can easily fit under a t-shirt, blouse, high-waist jeans or shorts, and even a summer dress. It also looks great along with your workout gear and is guaranteed to give you an ab workout like nothing you’ve ever experienced before.

This waist trainer instantly hides 1 to 4 inches of fat off of your waist, perks your breasts up, and gives your back perfect posture. It’s also incredibly comfortable. The smooth power latex and flexi-boning create a firm fit that’s also feels smooth and silky on your skin.

The sleek black color also pairs perfectly with any dark-colored panties or bra, meaning you can wear this out to the club or bring it back to the bedroom.

What we like

A lot of the waist trainer reviews we look at said that this product worked very well underneath clothes. We think it’s very important for a woman to be able to wear her waist trainer underneath her clothes and while out.


Although this product is midsection only, there isn’t much wrong with it at all.

#5 Ultra Sweat Neoprene Adjustable Vest

neoprene trainer

  • Enhances workouts
  • Increases sweating
  • Supportive straps

If you’re a workout fanatic and you’re looking to take your training to the next level, then you need the Ultra Sweat Neoprene Adjustable Vest in your life. This trainer targets your entire upper body from your breast down to your lower abs.

Most waist trainers focus on combining sexy and functional, but this waist trainer is designed purely for training. It activates all of the muscles in your shoulders, back, chest, oblique muscles, and abs to create the ultimate fat-burning experience.

It can be easily donned and removed with the heavy duty front zipper, and the it’s made out of a moisture-wicking neoprene material that will draw toxins out of your body, help you reduce water weight, and keep you cool the entire time that you’re working out.

What we love

This one is great for wearing at the gym and working out. It really helps you build up a sweat quickly and is great for targeted fat loss.


If you aren’t crazy about sweating, this might not be the best waist trainer for you.

Waist Trainer Reviews: How Do They Hold Up?

We tested over 50 different waist trainers to come down to this top 5 list. One of the things we looked at was which waist trainer reviews were the best. We immediately threw out any option that had less than 3 star reviews.

Our Criteria For Picking the Best Waist Trainer

We used a lot of different points when coming up with this list of the best waist trainers. Here are some of the different attributes we looked at when making this list:

  • Durability
  • Price
  • Reviews
  • Celebrity endorsement

It was very apparent that there are plenty of cheap Chinese products on the market that we would highly suggest avoiding. Due to the popularity of waist training, many companies have been producing knock offs. We only recommend buying from a trusted store such as Royal Lioness. Doing so will prevent you from accidentally buying a fake!

Where to Buy the Best Waist Trainers

If you’re ready to purchase, then you should know a few things. First of all, there are a ton of cheap Chinese knockoffs floating around, so we only suggest buying from a reputable supplier. We regularly review stores to see who has the best value and products.

Hands down, the best place to buy a waist trainer is from Royal Lioness. You can check them out here or by clicking the logo below:

royal lioness logo

Benefits of Using a Waist Trainer

There are countless benefits of waist training other than achieving that hourglass figure that you desire. Some of these benefits include improving your workouts and also relieving back pain. Here are some of the benefits of using waist trainers:

Instantly Lose 2-6 Inches

This is the most popular reason people use these devices. Waist training is the only way to instantly achieve a slimmer physique. It works faster than surgery and takes less than a minute to see results.

Enhances Workouts

Another overlooked benefit of using a waist trainer is how it enhances your workouts. Many trainers and wraps are designed to be work while excercising. These devices help push more sweat of of the worn area and therefore help you target your fat loss. We love using a trainer while jogging or doing a spinning class.

Better Posture

Did you know that wearing a waist trainer can help get rid of back pain? It’s true. Waist cinchers were designed to compress your mid section. By nature, this will improve posture. Better posture will lead to many benefits, incluging relieving back pain. It can also make you look taller.

Improve Confidence

When you have a slimmer waist, you will be able to go in public with more confidence than ever before. A recent study showed that nearly half of American women are worried about their weight. You can get some relief from your self esteem issues by waist training.

best waist trainer reviews

Waist Trainers vs Corsets vs Cinchers: What’s the Difference?

In most cases, there are not many diffrences between a trainer, corset, or waist cincher. We get this question from women all the time who don’t know which product to buy and what the differences are. The truth is, most companies sell all three side by side and don’t explain the differences. There are in fact subtle changes, such as:

Corsets Have A Steel Frame

The main diffrence between a corset and a trainer is that the corset has a wire frame. This makes its shape stay the same over time. Another key factor is that a corset usually has a lacing system in the back. The laces are there to tighten the frame over the individual. This allows the user to achieve the desired tightness and adjust over time.

Waist Trainer AKA Cincher

On the other hand, waist trainers (also known as waist cinchers) are usually made of a stretchy compression material. Instead of using a stiff metal frame, they compress the body in a more natural and gradual way. This also allows the user to wear the garment while working out without being uncomfortable. Instead of using laces on the back, these devices usually have hooks on the front. This allows the wearer to adjust and add more compression over time.

Corset Training

Corset training is a different method that is used for more extreme results. It gained popularity in the 1800s when it was desirable to have the smallest possible waist and large hips. It is sometimes referred to as “tightlacing” which comes from the practice of tying the laces extremely tight to shrink the waist.

Corset Waist Trainer vs Normal Trainer

The main differences between a corset trainer and a waist trainer are comfort and design. Corset trainers will be stiff and rigid, while waist trainers will be soft. Corset trainers also have laces in the back and force your body to be a certain shape. A good trainer will slowly mold you, but not force an unhealthy shape. Most women don’t want people to look at their body as abnormal, but some women want the extreme look. If you’re into that kind of thing, look for a corset with a steel frame.

Results of Using a Waist Trainer

If you invest in a good device and not some cheap chinese knock off, you will get some amazing results from using your waist trainer. It’s very important to get someone high quality that will last, as your results will improve over time. In order, here are some results you can expect:

Day 1: Instant Slimming

The first day you wear your waist cincher, you will notice that your body is more toned and you look much thinner. Your device is hard at work slimming you down and providing you with a much more appetizing look. A good cincher will show off your body’s natural shape while tucking in some of that unsightly body fat.

Day 14: Semi-Permenant Changes

By the end of two weeks of wearing your new waist trainer, you will start to notice that your confidence is at all an all time high. People will be complimenting you on your new look. Also, you will start to get positive attention that you didn’t expect. By this point, your trainer will be hard at work shaping and toning your body.

Day 30 and on: Total Transformation

At the end of one month, your body will have changed. If you’ve been using a thermal wrap that increases sweating, you have lost quite a few pounds by now. A standard waist trainer will shape and align your body into a more pleasant appearance. By this time, your friends and family will be asking you what your secret is. It’s up to you on whether or not you tell them.

Before and After Pictures

A lot of people want to see exactly what’s going to happen to their body after waist training. This is natural. Luckily there are plenty of examples of using a waist trainer before and after. Here are some pictures:

waist trainer before and after


As you can see, there are some pretty drastic results of using a waist trainer properly. These before and after pictures are just examples. You can get even better results if you follow a good diet and excercise program.

Commonly Asked Questions

We’re dedicated to being the #1 resource online for waist training. Due to this, we’ve compiled a list of some of the most commonly asked questions:

The fat that gets hidden from using a waist trainer is compressed and pushed into more desirable places in the body. If you also follow a diet and exercise program, the fat cells will shrink faster and disappear more effectively. Studies show that wearing a waist trainer while working out can double how fast you lose fat.

Yes, you can use a waist trainer without exercising. Most people do it this way. Of course, it is most effective when you incorporate a good diet while using it.

Yes, the results can be permanent. They do last as long as you keep using your trainer. After you’ve found the shape that you like, you only need to wear the waist trainer twice a week in order to keep the results.

Pregnant women should not use a waist trainer, as their baby needs ample space to grow. We don’t know of any confirmed cases of these garments causeing a miscarriage, but it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Yes! Waist trainers are great for getting rid of loose, excess, or flappy skin. The constant compression helps reduce sagging and improve the overall condition of the skin.

Your garment should be snug, but not suffocating. Wearing your trainer too tight can be uncomfortable and you should gradually increase the tightness setting you use.

Kim uses this one: – It’s one of the most popular designs and has gained a lot of use from celebrities.

Yes! Many people use their waist trainers while sleeping. You might find it uncomfortable after a long period of time, though. Always pay attention to your body and if you experience pain, take it off.

Well for one, Spanx don’t actually mold your body over time like a trainer does. Spanx are only for immidiate appearence. They’re made of a panty hose type material that doesn’t compress very well. A good waist cincher is latex or another sturdy material. It will compress your midsection without pinching it.

Yes, as long as you continue to use it a few times a week to maintain your results. Many women have found that using a waist trainer over a long period of time shapes their body to a better shape.

Yes, doing a waist training regimen with a proper garment will give you better curves. This is similar to Kim Kardashian or one of the other sisters). You need to commit to a good garment and not a cheapo one that will lose it’s effectiveness over time.


We hope you enjoyed our guide to waist training. If you have any questions, please write in the comments section below and we will answer you ASAP. You can explore the rest of our site to learn more about waist trainers. We also publish other methods to improve the way your body looks. Best of luck to you!