We Love the Waist Trainer Vest, and Here’s Why

Due to celebrity sponsorship, waist trainers have enjoyed a new increase in popularity. Another associated product which has also seen growth is the waist trainer vest. In this article, we will examine some fundamental differences between the two products for you to determine which is best for you.

waist trainer vest

If you have never utilized a waist trainer before, it is essential that you consider all your options before initiating the use of one. As with anything that concerns your body and health, a proper analysis should be undertaken to determine which product, if any, is best for your specific needs.

Differences Between Waist Trainer and Waist Trainer Vest

Regular waist trainers hold in the belly fat, define and sculpt your waist. This provides you with the ideal hourglass figure. Waist trainers cover from the below the bra down to the top of the hip bone. In essence, the waist trainers wrap the waist and cover the area where there is excess fat.

In comparison, the waist trainer vest uses what are essentially bra straps. These straps assist in fighting what is know as bra bulge. Many users of the waist trainer vest prefer it because it provides more support. Many also say it’s more comfortable than a regular waist trainer. Those who are trying waist training for the first time may seek out extra help and support and opt for the vest.

The decision to select either a regular waist trainer or a vest waist trainer is a matter of personal preference. You should consider your needs and decide on what is most suited and most comfortable for you.

For example, if you are looking to target and sculpt your bra rolls, upper back or waist, a vest should do the trick. Otherwise, a regular waist trainer is best suited for flattening your belly.  Both are good for trying to keep your appetite under control as well.

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Benefits of Using a Waist Trainer Vest

There are many benefits to utilizing a waist trainer vest. The first being to slim down or reshape your waist or mid-torso area. In addition to improving the look of your figure, it also provides back support.

A waist trainer vest simultaneously contours and slims down your midsection. If you are one of those people who tend to slouch, the waist trainer vest corset makes you stand up straight. You might also find yourself sitting in a more upright position.

The types of materials in trainers and vests are helpful for back support. Also, the boning or elastic material also provides an adequate amount of abdominal support. Another benefit of the waist trainer vest is that it assists you in not overeating, thus having a better command of your diet.

Just Starting Out

If you are new to waist training and are doing it for the first time, you may find the practice somewhat uncomfortable. This is normal. You might also find that it also involves a certain level of difficulty. The rigid compression around your waist will cause your skin to sweat more than normal.

This is especially true if the material used in the waist trainer vest is a non-breathable composite such as latex. The good news is that waist training does become easier as you go along. The sweating actually helps burn fat as well.

When worn under your clothes, a waist training vest will assist you in looking your best by giving you shape and holding in the area which bulges out.

When selecting a waist trainer vest, the two most important things to keep in mind are the size and the material used for manufacturing. For instance, if you are allergic to a material such as latex, it is best to avoid such a product.

Risks Associated With Waist Trainers

Be aware of the downside to waist trainers, as they could cause a certain amount of damage if not used properly. Most common among wait training problems is soreness when worn too tight.

Deformation of the stomach and certain internal organs are additional (albiet rare) risks. For this reason, we suggest not wearing a waist trainer for more than 24 hours without a break.

One last thing to note is that waist trainer vests should be used to supplement your exercise program and healthy diet. They are not meant to be used as a quick fix solution that replaces a proper diet and fitness program. As long as you are on a routine, you will get the results you want.


Compare to a regular waist trainer, a waist trainer vest provides additional support. The built in straps assist with back and abdomen support and posture. Keep in mind that there are risks associated with waist training, so make sure you know of them before beginning the program.

When done correctly, waist training is an excellent way to supplement a healthy diet and fitness program. And for the times you need to look your best, it also provides you with a shapely look when worn under clothes. However, it should be used for the sole purpose of trying to lose weight or as a control mechanism for appetite.

There are pros and cons to virtually all types of health plans. Waist trainer vests are not unique to that. With that being said, using a waist trainer (whether a vest or not) is a great way to look your best and sculpt your body.


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